viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008

Fiscal Policy: an important instrument

There has undoubtedly been a major shift within macroeconomic policy over the past two decades, from the pre-eminence of fiscal policy to that of monetary policy. The latter has gained considerably in importance as an instrument of macroeconomic policy, whereas the former is rarely mentioned in policy discussions anymore, except in the context of
limiting its use.
Fiscal policy is often discussed in a framework in which there is no issue of aggregate demand failure and in which the economy adjusts in a stable fashion toward a supply-side equilibrium. However, once it is recognized that there are failures of aggregate demand which can have lasting effects on the supply side of the economy (e.g. through effects on investment and thereby on productive capacity), fiscal policy can be seen to have an important role to play.

Lea este artículo publicado por Phillip Arestis y Malcolm Sawyer en la New School Economic Review aquí

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