domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In*

A panel of top business leaders testified before the Congress about the worsening recession Monday, demanding the government provide Americans with a new irresponsible and largely illusiory economic bubble in which to invest.

"What America needs right now is not more talk and long-term strategy, but a concrete way to create more imaginary wealth in the very immediate future" (...) "We are in a crisis, and that crisis demands an unviable short-term solution".

"(...) The manner of the bubble isn´t important-just as long as it creates a hugely overvalued market based on nothing more than whimsical fantasy and saddled with the potential for a long-term accrual of debts that will never be paid back, thereby unleashing a ripple effect that will take nearly a decade to correct".

(...) "The US economy cannot survive on sound investment alone".

(...) "America needs another bubble" (...) "At this point, bubbles are the only thing keeping us afloat".

Lea todo este divetido ensayo de la revista satírica The Onion aquí

* Muchas gracias a Ulises quien me envió la entrada.

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